In case you have a virtual or a dedicated server, you will need to do more things to ensure that is stays in shape compared to a shared website hosting account. It is because the shared web servers are managed by the hosting provider, while with a standalone server you will be the only one who controls thing. Examples of the tasks you'll have to do are installing server-side apps and keeping them up-to-date, checking the hosting server and restarting it if required, and so on. If you do not have spare time for this kind of tasks, nonetheless, or in case you haven't had a server of your own and you feel unclear about what exactly you should do, you can use our optional management services. If you do this, our system administrators shall handle all these additional tasks for you, so you'll be able to work on your Internet sites and to enhance them, in order to get more visitors and potential clients without having to spend time and efforts on technical issues.
Administration Services in Dedicated Servers Hosting
You will be able to add the management services that we offer to any one of our Linux dedicated servers hosting regardless of the OS or hosting Cp you have chosen. Our administrators can keep a watchful eye on your hosting server and the processes running on it 24/7, so whenever it is needed, they can reboot it to restore its proper functioning. They can also update the hosting server OS with the newest security patches. Furthermore, they can keep a backup of your files and databases on another machine, to ensure that no matter what, your data shall be undamaged. Our administrator staff may also perform any other custom tasks including installing some software that you have bought and that you want to use, or troubleshooting script-driven programs - if they don't work adequately. All of these services can be added to your dedicated hosting server package at any time either individually or simultaneously, so that you can decide how involved you want to be in the hosting server administration process.