While in the The Tech Guy Website Control Panel you can find a fully–fledged, easy to navigate Databases Manager! Use it to have complete control over all your databases. It’s possible to quickly create new MySQL and PgSQL databases and control them via the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software programs, respectively.

An Uncomplicated User interface

Be in charge of your databases with merely a click of the mouse

Administering your databases now is easier than before, because of the Website Control Panel user interface for MySQL and PgSQL administration! Even though you may not have in depth expertise in utilizing databases, you will find it an easy task to work with our Databases Manager.

You can make a whole new database simply by keying in the user name and security password or produce a database back–up with a simple mouse click. Moreover, within the Data Manager you will have direct access to the administration area for each database, to help you to efficiently manage it.

Hepsia File Manager

Swift Database Back up

Back up your databases in just a minute

We’ve designed the manual database back–up formation into a very simple task. To do this: inside the Databases Manager, click on the ’clock’ image on the side of the database that you would like to back up and wait for a couple of seconds for the backup process to take place. With regards to the size of the database, the generation of any back–up file can take somewhere between a few seconds and a minute.

You can create as many back–ups of a database as you would like. We haven’t fixed any limits for the amount of databases that you could back up either.

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Support for PgSQL

Assured reliability for your databases

PgSQL databases are much less popular in comparison to the popular MySQL databases. On the other hand, they are a favored choice for developers who seek the best stability for their websites and apps. Via the user–friendly Databases Manager built–into the The Tech Guy Control Panel, you can control all of your PostgreSQL databases with only a click of the mouse.

You can discover PgSQL databases integrated by default with the best Linux shared web hosting packages. In case you are with a basic hosting package, it is easy to request PgSQL databases to be included in your web hosting account as upgrades.

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InnoDB Databases

The fresh face of MySQL

The MySQL databases on The Tech Guy’s servers employ the most recent version of the InnoDB storage engine. InnoDB has been built to ensure the highest efficiency for sites that operate with huge amounts of data. It grants CPU performance that can not be matched by alternative disk–based relational database engines.

InnoDB is ACID–compliant and offers full transaction support, so that it is possible to update/insert/create/alter/drop more than once for a single "operation" of your application. In addition, it takes advantage of row–level locking in contrast to MyISAM’s table–level locking, that increases multi–user concurrency and functionality.

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Detailed Database Stats

Precise stats for all of your databases

Checking the load caused by the databases in your active web site will let you reduce all overload problems that could slow it down and ward off website visitors. For that reason, we have incorporated a detailed Database Stats tool into the Website Control Panel. There you can get detailed info about the incoming requests to your databases for each and every hour, day and month.

Based on the quantity of day–to–day and per hour queries, you are able to find out which databases are being used the most and take measures to enhance their load.

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